No Pecs? No Problem!

Master These 57 Hardcore Pec-Blasting Secrets Used By Bulgarian Bodybuilders,
"Old School" Trainers, Sexy Fitness Models, And Shredded Stage Competitors To
...In HALF The Time!

In This Special Report:

Anabolic Secrets From Behind The "Iron Curtain"!
How a Bulgarian bodybuilder uses an overlooked phase of your pressing movements to skyrocket growth...with no extra effort!
Classic Mass Building Monsters...With A Modern Twist!
"Old School" exercises still work great at slathering on massive amounts of muscle to your chest...but just wait until you hear how the latest scientific research has modified these exercise to be even MORE POWERFUL!
"Build & Cut" Strategies For "Stage-Worthy" Pecs!
Want to know how professional NATURAL bodybuilders prepare for adding size to their pecs to really "wow" the judges? I have 2 stage champions who reluctantly shared their #1 SECRET for taking home the trophy!
"Hardgainer" Mistakes That Are Absolutely KILLING Your Growth Potential...RIGHT NOW!
If you're a "skinny guy", I guarantee you're training completely WRONG when it comes "chest day"! No're about to discover the step-by-step strategies for turning your "chicken chest into a "chick magnet"!
Plus Over 50 More Chest-Blasting Tactics!

Please Read This Report Now!

Subject: How To FINALLY Build Muscle Mass On Your Chest!
From: The "Muscle Nerd", Jeff Anderson

Look...I'm gonna make this short and sweet, ok?

If you're a "natural" bodybuilder like me, either you want a BIGGER, MORE MUSCULAR CHEST or you don't, right?

If you don't and you already have all the muscle mass you'll ever want on your chest, then let me save you the're not gonna care about the rest of this report.

But if you ARE ready to stare in eye-popping amazement as your chest gets larger and larger with each morning bathroom flexing routine, then get ready for the best chest training workouts of your life!

This is the "Muscle Nerd", Jeff Anderson and I have a confession to make...

I don't know about you...but MY worst "trouble spot"
for adding muscle mass is DEFINITELY my CHEST!

I wasn't blessed with the natural physique of Arnold Schwarzenneger (more like Pee Wee Herman)...and I don't even want to THINK about taking steroids (something about shrivelled up testicles gives me the willies, you know?)

Now, I train my ass off in the gym and I gotta tell you...for having such horrible genetics to build on, I've done pretty well at "working with what I've got".

I mean, I've managed to add enough size to my chest to draw more than a few stares from the opposite sex each summer when I hit the beach (much to my wife's disliking ;-).

But have you ever reached one of those plateaus where it seems like no matter what you do, your chest doesn't want to grow any more?

Well that's exactly where I was a few months ago!

Sure I know a few tricks to switch up my routine and spark some new gains...but this time I decided to bring in some "reinforcements" instead of just going it alone!

This time, in my personal "mission" to add more mass on my chest, I decided to call in my "A-Team" of personal trainer buddies and twist their arm into giving up their very BEST training tactics that would allow me to finally push past my current plateau.

And man, are YOU going to be glad that I did...because I got them to agree to let me RECORD every last word of our conversations so I could share ALL of their most "closely guarded secrets" with YOU!

That's right, you get to...

Listen In As 6 Bodybuilding Experts
Share 57 Of Their Top Secrets In
Nearly 1 1/2 Hours Of Exclusive "Workout Changing" Interviews!

(All Ready For Instant Download!)

The Goal?

Plaster On Up To 2 Inches Of Thick
New Muscle
To Your Chest
In The Next 12 Weeks!


Look, I already know all the "basics".

I'm guessing YOU do to, am I right?

Bench press...flyes...inclines...declines..."lift this much weight"..."do this many reps"...blah...blah...blah...

I didn't need any boring old advice I could pull out of a magazine, and neither do you, you know?

What I wanted was the REAL DIRT...I'm talking ONLY the most ADVANCED "SECRETS" these guys share with no one but their "A-List" clients or use personally when they get ready for a photo shoot or bodybuilding show.

Yeah...that's how serious these guys are!

And I gotta tell you...I've developed quite a few "advanced" strategies myself over the years and have gained quite a reputation for some cutting edge tactics...but these guys even surprised ME with some of their personal training shortcuts for pumping up their pecs!

That means no matter how experienced you may be...the tips you're about to learn are absolutely PRICELESS if your goal is to pack some size on your chest in as short a time as possible!

Just take a look at the line-up
of experts I've gathered together...

Chest Building Expert #1:

Mass Building Secrets From Eastern Europe!

Ivan Nikolov traveled all the way from Bulgaria to pursue his
dream of competing on a national stage...and brought with him bodybuilding knowledge once shrouded in secrecy behind the
"Iron Curtain"!

Ivan's expert knowledge of chest development has built a body ANY man would kill for!

In this exclusive interview Ivan will show you...

The key to creating the perfect "anabolic environment" that makes muscle growth practically guaranteed! (Your muscles won't have any choice but to grow-grow-grow!)
Chest "strength" and chest "size" are NOT the same! Learn the critical difference and why you're probably training all wrong if your goal is to add more mass to your pecs by summer!
The elite "Eastern Block" secret developed to create eye-popping separation in the inner pectoral muscles to give you that "mini-Grand Canyon" look that's so hard to achieve!
How to get more muscle fiber stimulation with no more effort...and begin seeing results in DAYS instead of YEARS! (You'll be amazed at the difference this one little change can make!)
Something crucial (and unusual) you must do with every repetition of your dumbbell flyes to explode muscle gains like you've never seen before!
The single best way ever discovered to force your muscle fibers to bend to your will and grow thicker and denser than ever before!

Chest Building Expert #2:

"Skinny Guy" Solutions...That Work For ANYONE!

Gregg Gillies knows what it's like to struggle with building muscle! Starting at 6' tall and weighing a measly 141 lbs (upper left photo), it seemed he'd never be able to pack on any size.

But his tireless research and experimentation finally paid off and he developed a breakthrough program that allowed him to add a whopping 40 lbs of lean muscle mass and he now shares his very BEST tips for how you can use these same tips for your chest matter how frustrated you may be!

Here's what Gregg had to share with me in our interview...


Why the most popular chest exercise is actually the absolute WORST for adding mass to your chest if you're a scrawny "hardgainer"...and the one tiny change that allows you to overcome this obstacle with ease and show your sucky genetics who's boss!
The crucial mistake 99% of all guys make in their bench press that holds them back from really firing up their chest's muscle fibers...and how to correct it immediately so you never have to waste another workout!
Barbells or dumbbells? The debate finally ends on which builds mass the fastest for "pectorally-challenged" ectomorphs?
The "sweet spot" of your rep range that triggers massive growth in even the most stubborn chests...and how something as simple as your hand position can be the difference in training like a champ...or a chump!
A specific section of your chest that when targeted using this method, results in an unstoppable mass-building frenzy!
How to assault your chest with a brutal workout...but save your shoulders to train another day! (This simple technique will let you train REALLY heavy...yet avoid injuries that can set you back MONTHS...or even longer!)

Chest Building Expert #3:

The "Mad Scientist" Of Bodybuilding
Emerges From His "Lab"!

Imagine a guy who spends every waking moment in his basement gym inventing the most insane exercises and training strategies for packing on mass. That guy would be Nick Nilsson!

I'm seriously considering calling in the government because there's no way one man can come up with as many revolutionary breakthroughs as Nick does without some sort of extra-terrestrial guidance!

I got Nick to come out of his basement just long enough to share...

A strange new exercise that will cause your buddies at the gym to shake their heads in disbelief (but watch them training with it themselves after they see your results!)
Cruel and unusual chest-blasting exercises (for REAL MEN)!
Why stretching your muscles can literally make them GROW! (And the exact time you need to hold your position to thrash your chest muscles into submission!)
How a $15 "girly gadget" could give you Popeye-like strength in an exercise that you'd normally have to train like Olive Oil!
Earn instant respect from the "experienced guys" at the gym, when they see you using this "bottom phase" advanced training technique! (You'll never be seen as the "beginner" again!)
How a slight change to your hand position can make a HUGE difference in how much weight you can lift...and avoid workout-stopping injury!

Chest Building Expert #4:

Mega Mass Monster Reveals All!

"Mega Mass" Marc David is one of the foremost authorities on the net when it comes to the "Average Joe's" mass-building frustrations!

His featured podcasts on the top bodybuilding websites have made him an icon for getting "no-nonsense" training advice that you can put to use in the gym the very same day...and start seeing immediate results!

Marc revealed some of my favorite tips in this exclusive interview including...

The best chest gains of your life...and why you haven't seen it yet!
Is he NUTS? You're not supposed to bench like this! (But I use this technique and it's by FAR one of my favorite exercises for hitting the upper chest...HARD!)
Add up to an inch of new muscle on your chest simply by changing the way you do this one single exercise...with NO WEIGHTS!
Why you may need to bring a tape measure to your very next visit to the gym (and how it can dramatically change the level of stimulation you provide your chest)!
The "half moon secret" form technique that isolates your lower chest...and eliminates droopy, "man-boobs"! (Side Note: this has nothing to do with your gym shorts falling down ;-)
How your chin (yes...your CHIN!) can correct this common form mistake...and finally help you forge a traffic-stopping set of pecs!

Chest Building Expert #5:

Time To Go Back To School..."Old School"!

Paul Becker has trained side-by-side with some of the greatest "old-time" bodybuilders that ever graced the early stages and pages of pro bodybuilding.

He's tapped into the secrets these guys only let out on the gym floor in between grueling sets of a sweat-soaked training session...and he's locked these tips away for his own private use for packing on the pounds.

Until NOW!

In this laid back, revealing conversation, I got Paul to open up about...

What the "old school" pros knew about targeting the chest for massive gains...that you don't! Lessons straight from the "iron jungle" education of Schwarzenegger, Haney, and Pearl!
Upper chest...middle chest...lower chest? Can you guess which area to train FIRST and which to train LAST in your workouts? (Answer this question wrong and you're shortchanging your growth potential...BIG TIME!)
How to blast your muscle fibers with the precision of a Marine Corp sniper!...instead of a redneck with a shotgun! (No offense to "rednecks" ;-)
Ever wonder why you leave the gym getting more of an "arm workout" than a chest workout...on CHEST DAY?! Use this advanced training strategy and walk way with no doubt in your mind that your pecs are going to be killing you the next day! ( hurts sooooo good!)
Why lifting more weight can actually DECREASE your chest size!
The #1 knuckle-headed blunder nearly every guy makes when "supersetting" chest exercises. (Hint: after hearing this, you'll laugh as you watch all the other "wannabe's" at the gym make this newbie mistake!)

Chest Building Expert #6:

Pec-Pumping Secrets That Even "Wow" Judges!

Brian Cannone practically eats, sleeps, and breathes for the stage!

As a contest promoter and natural competitor (and CHAMPION!), he's not only poked, prodded and pulled apart every training strategy on the planet...he's also rubbed elbows with some of the greatest natural athletes in existence and traded notes!

Now YOU get to copy off his "cheat sheet" and grab his secrets!

Brian's interview alone is one you'll want to listen to over and over again as he reveals...

Think the bench press is the ultimate "mass builder" for your chest? Guess again! Use this exercise instead and you'll wonder why you didn't train this way before!

Advice personal trainers give their clients for choosing the right exercises to build a massive chest...that is absolutely wrong!
The exact angle you need to set your incline bench to in order to fully stimulate your upper chest fibers! (I've been in gyms all over the world and I see even the most experienced lifters making this common mistake!)
Why a "tree-hugging nature freak" may have an instant advantage over you when it comes to mastering this powerful pec-pumper of an exercise! (Use this little mental trick in your next workout and I promise you the gains will come!)
FINALLY! The exercise that practically guarantees a thick "shelf" of muscle at the top of your chest! (This one exercise could be worth the price of the entire program! I've used it and it's that powerful!)
A controversial "slap in the face" to traditional thinking (and even to our other experts!) on this popular exercise...but take Brian's challenge and test his secret yourself!

As you can see, these are guys who have LIVED
your "chest-building frustration"...

...and are now ready to show YOU


So are you ready to stop staring into the mirror, silently pleading with your chest to show SOME signs of size from your recent workouts?

Are you ready to hit the gym on "chest day" with so much excitement, they'll have to drag you away kicking and screaming?

Are you ready to kiss the "no-grow" days good-bye and start constructing a chest that will stop traffic and turn some heads?

Then here's what I need you to do right now...

Simply Click Here to go to my completely secure order form so you can download the entire "Underground Chest Training Secrets" mp3 audio program INSTANTLY to your computer.

The cost is only $27 for the entire program (less than what most serious guys spend in a week on supplements!) and you can start listening to the advice of 6 incredible experts and put their tips to use RIGHT AWAY...NO WAITING!

Think about it...if you were even able to get any ONE of these guys on the phone (fat chance!) to ask them for an hour of their time...AND offer up their own personal "secrets" for how you could pack on an extra 2 inches of muscle, what do you think it would cost? $50...$100...$150?!

Just like these guys, I have to charge at least $150 for a one-on-one consultation just because I don't have the time to work with individual clients any more!

But you're going to get nearly 90 MINUTES (a VERY conservative $70 value!) of their very BEST secrets (no fluffy "filler" info...just straight to the good stuff!) for a FRACTION of what it would cost you even if you could get one of them on the line!

But just to completely erase any other doubts you may have and show how confident I am that this complete ches-blasting package is EXACTLY what you've been looking for, I'm going to give you a "Muscle Nerd" Can't-Miss Guarantee:


There Is NO WAY To Lose With
My "3 Workout" Guarantee!

Take any 3 of the advanced lessons I'm handing you in this jam-packed audio package and try it in your next 3 Chest Workouts within the next 60 days.

If you don't FEEL an immediate difference in your chest, then just contact the "Muscle Nerd" for a full refund! Yes...I'm that sure that you're about to unleash a brutal attack on your pecs!

No Questions Asked!


But I'm going to make this offer an absolute "no brainer" for you...because I'm also going to throw in 3 Special Bonuses for you if you ORDER RIGHT NOW...

Order Now And I'll Even Throw In These
3 Special Bonus Programs Worth Over $100...

The Complete "Underground
Chest Training Secrets" Transcripts

(Downloadable .PDF eBook)


Now when you want to review any of the expert tips I've jammed into these interviews, all you have to do is refer to this 47-Page word-for-word manuscript it's all in there!

No need to "play-pause-rewind-fast forward"... just flip open the manual and you can read every last word of every single interview!

I could easily have had this "re-written" and sold as a stand-alone ebook for another $27...but I'm throwing it in for free as long as you order this audio package right now!

My Proprietary "Body Tracking" Software...The AGT 5000!
(Downloadable .EXE software*)
*PC only; alternative for Mac users available upon request


I've NEVER released this software outside of my natural bodybuilding program package for Optimum Anabolics...NEVER!

But how fun would it be to buy a mass-building program for your chest and not be able to watch the little "tracking graphs" SHOW YOU your pec-popping progress along the way?

Track your muscle gains...fat loss...and your now rapidly growing CHEST building efforts to stay motivated and provide you with priceless feedback on your training!


Online Video Seminar:

Amazing Cheap Supplements...
(And One FREE ONE)

Online Audio/Video Presentation)


Serious lifters always use SOME kind of supplements, right?

But wading through all the flashy ads from the greedy supplement manufacturers, chances are you're going to spend half a week's paycheck on some hyped-up bottle of worthless herbs...and the supplement manufacturers are laughing all the way to the bank!

This audio/video presentation is from an online seminar I held with my "inner circle" consulting members where I showed them exactly which supplements they should have on hand if they want to maximize their muscle growth.

And here's the best part...they're ALL SUPER CHEAP...and SUPER EFFECTIVE!

(There's even a powerful "free" supplement I cover that I'm sure you'll NEVER even guess!)

This session will save you a TON of money on your supplements!



So let's see my calculations, that's...

The Mother Of All Mass Building Packages
For Your Chest (A $183.95 Value!)

All For Just $27?!

Please take advantage of this offer while it's open!

I promise you...your chest workouts (AND YOUR RESULTS!) will NEVER be the same!

Here's how to order and receive your INSTANT DOWNLOADS:

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Please Take Me Directly To The Download Area Where I Can Grab My Copy Of The "Underground Chest Training Secrets" mp3's And Over $100 In FREE BONUSES!

I'm tired of spending countless hours in the gym pushing tons of weight and seeing very little results in my chest!
I promise to give these 57 pec-pumping tactics a try for my next 3 chest workouts and understand that if I don't actually FEEL the difference in my training that I can ask for a full refund!
I understand that I can download the entire program (and my over $100.00 in FREE Bonuses) instantly if I take advantage of this offer for only...

"Should Be" Priced At $183.95
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That's all there is to it!

Just click on the "Download Now" button in the form above and you're on your way to the best chest workouts of your life!

Now the only thing left to do now is take your "Before" pictures so you can SEE the results you're about to get!

I look forward to hearing about your results

Anabolically yours,

The "Muscle Nerd"
Jeff Anderson

P.S. - One word of caution here...once you start training with these "advanced strategies", the other guys at the gym are going to be watching you. In other words, you're going to be on a whole different level than everyone else!

So if you don't like being approached for advice, I suggest you make sure you have your mp3 headphones stuck in your ear with the music cranked up so you can pretend you don't hear them!

~ "MN"


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